What is a Wiffen?

Wiffen Property Agents came about in 2015 when the founding family went through an extraordinarily tough year.
A Wiffen Agent is somebody who does not quit when it becomes tough, but rather faces the cause and asks "Is that all there is?"
With this said, an idea was born. Wiffen Property Agents was set to evolve in 2016.
If you are looking to move or to purchase, you can trust that Wiffen Property Agents are working for you.
When you work with Wiffen Property Agents you are not just getting an agent and team, you become part of The Wiffen Family.  
Every transaction is handled as if the Wiffen Agents were selling their own mother’s home or helping her find the next one... (into the nursing home Mum!)

Join the Wiffen family today, book a visit with a Wiffen Property Agent to see if this family suits you! And we promise we won't send you to a nursing home, unless of course you want to!